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Cultivating Justice

A Quest Towards Racial Equity

Cultivating Justice is a collection of projects and resources made by and for people in the Cedar Valley to promote racial justice and activate systemic change in our communities.

Design goals: web design, illustration, social justice


The Quest is divided into six weeks. Each has a theme and collection of local materials to explore, including essays, videos, performances of poetry, artwork, podcasts, toolkits, events, and more. These illustrations were created to accomany the text and beautify the webpage.


Cultivating Justice, University of Northern Iowa, 2021


Cultivating Justice, University of Northern Iowa, 2021


As a part of the project I advised students in their creation of info-graphics for the website. The students read the materials and met with the author or advisor to design graphics which communicated the content of the project.

Student Infographics

Interactive Digital Studies, University of Northern Iowa, 2021

These two infographics were made for the Waterloo Career Center from the Locate week of the Quest.